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What NWSEO Membership Means for You

The NWSEO works hard to improve working conditions and the quality of NWS services. Members are afforded assistance whenever employment issues arise and have excess to the NWSEO general counsel. In addition, members are kept informed of significant events affecting NWS employees through the NWSEO publication “Four Winds” which you would receive.

The diligent work of the NWSEO produced these top five accomplishments in 2010:  

  1. Saving the CWSUs from consolidation – a culmination of a five year lobbying effort by NWSEO to preserve both aviation safety and NWS employee jobs. NWSEO spent over $200,000 in this lobbying effort and obtained the support of the Senate Commerce Committee, the House Science Committee and the House and Senate Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittees
  2. Securing back pay for overtime for nearly 200 NWS employees. Securing FLSA Non-Exempt status of an additional 165 NWS employees. The NWS has agreed to pay two years’ lost overtime wages and liquidated damages for those employees, as well.
  3. Winning an appeal to bargain to increase staffing at Anchorage WFO by 10 positions - this directs the National Weather Service to bargain with NWSEO over a proposal that would increase staffing at the Anchorage WFO by ten positions.
  4. Securing special projects designed to increase aviation safety, which include increased NWS personnel at the CWSU and WFOs in New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago.
  5. Informed NOAA about unfair pay practices for ASAs. NOAA is now in the process of performing an informal desk audit to identify the possibility of pay raises for ASAs doing higher level tasks.

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